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Recent Release Dates!


THE BLESSED will be released in the US on September 25!
ghostgirl Xmas Spirit: It’s A Wonderful Afterlife will be released as an ebook October 2 in the US!

ghostgirl Xmas Spirit book and THE BLESSED will be released October 24, 2012

THE BLESSED will be released November 12 ghostgirl Xmas Spirit book will be released December 10!

More to come!


Precious Blood book cover

THE BLESSED coming September 25th!


“Brooklyn is the perfect setting for this dark, gritty thriller.”
- Kirkus

“Our new favorite dark, sexy rock-n-roll thriller.”

“Intriguing premise, fiery dialogue, and digs about celebrity-obsessed culture that moves at the speed of Twitter…”
– Publishers Weekly


Precious Blood book cover

ghostgirl Sighting


Zach Galifianakis being discovered reading ghostgirl deep in the woods. Alone.

ghostgirl Lovesick trailer

ghostgirl Lovesick book trailer!


The ghostgirl Lovesick book trailer premiered on! It is set to a song written in the book by yours truly in the actual book and performed by the extraordinary Polly Scattergood featuring the legendary Vince Clarke.


View the Trailer Here

Behind-the-scenes details:
-The set was built from scratch using foam, chicken wire, paper mache, paint, clay, and wood.
-Over 600 graves ranging in scale from life-sized grave markers to 1/8th of an inch headstones were sculpted.
-The trailer was made with a mixture of live action footage, time-lapse, stop-motion animation and 2D computer animation.
-Moss was shipped in specially from upstate NY.
-Three types of fog were used.
-Research was done at Greenwood cemetery in Brooklyn.
-Plant debris from the ground (acorns, dead branches and leaves) from the cemetery were used to add some real looking elements to the set.
-Some of the miniature trees have small branches that come from real trees.
**No worms or caterpillars were harmed in the making of this trailer. They were all returned to their respective parks in NYC**


The Blessed

ghostgirl Coffin Heart


Love You To Death:
Open Casket — Open Heart


The Blessed

ghostgirl Lovesick bitter sweet holiday treats